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Debut Novel

All the Jagged Edges
(September 14, 2023)

I never saw a future for myself. Every time I closed my eyes and tried to dream up a life different from this one, I couldn’t see it. I always believed it was because I would never live long enough to get there, but now I wonder if it’s because my brain could never process the place I’d truly end up. Not even in my wildest dreams.


This place, the one I’m stuck in now, is somewhere between a fantasy and a nightmare. I’ve questioned my sanity more times than I can count. I’ve pinched myself enough to bruise. But I can’t blink away this reality. The one where every creature around me is out for blood, particularly mine. The one where I have to break down barriers I’ve carefully built just to find some answers. The one where I meet him. A world where day and night have no meaning.

Here, in this place, the clock is always counting down. Time is being wasted and I have no way to stop it. I’m helpless and yet, I’m their only hope for salvation.

All the jagged edges book cover spread front.jpg
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